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Tignes & Val d’isere combined to form the world famous ski area named L’Espace Killy.   Tignes comprises of 5 sub villages; Val Claret (2200m), Tignes Le Lac, Le Lavachet, Les Boisses (1850m), and Les Brevieres (1550m). The first three are close together where all the main ski lifts are, with Tignes le lac being the centre of attention. Les Boisses and Les Brevieres are further down the valley, above and below the dam respectively. The firt 4 villages are all on the local Tignes bus system, and each easy to navigate. Les Brevieres however is not on the bus system, only accessible by chair lift or piste, unless you have a private vehicle

The resort has a reputation for being ‘snowsure’ with a strong reliability record as most of the pistes are above 2100m with a summit of 3600m. Tignes boasts one of the longest European winters season from November to May with summer glacier skiing too. The Espace killy provides over 300km of pistes with 97 lifts offering slopes for all abilities with vast off piste available to enjoy.


  1. What lift pass do I need for my lessons?

For all lessons you will require a full Espace Killy lift pass. As a beginner in groups you will require a lift pass when your instructor advises you.

  1. Do I need a lift pass if I’m a beginner?

You will not a lift pass for your beginner lessons until your instructor advises you. This is generally around the third day but varies. The beginners’ pistes/lifts in Tignes/Val D’Isere are free.

  1. Will I have time to buy my lift pass before morning lessons?

Our meeting point is right next a lift pass office. We recommend allowing 40 minutes to buy your lift pass, especially in peak times. The lift pass office opens at 8:30am.

  1. Where can I buy a lift pass from?

There is a lift pass office at our Maison de Tignes and Pistemap Val d’isere meeting places. They can also be bought from the Grande Motte, La Daille, and Les Brevieres.


  1. Will my instructor be native English speaker?

We guarantee a native English speaking instructor.

  1. What qualifications does the instructor have?

Your instructor will be a BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors) Level 4 ISTD, Snowboard Instructor and current BASI Instructor Trainer & Examiner.


  1. Should I have a day on the mountain before joining group lessons?

We take into consideration that it is everyone’s first day on the mountain and fit our lessons around this. We definitely recommend joining us from the first day of your holiday, this means that you don’t have a chance to practise any bad habits.

  1. How long into the holiday should I wait before getting a private lesson?

Getting a lesson with us as soon as you can into your holiday is what we recommend; this means you have less time instilling any bad habits which we would then have to undo. What time is beginners catch up?

  1. Can my lesson start from Val Claret?

All lessons start and finish in Le Lac, unless you’ve booked a full day session where we can meet at a meeting point of your choice.

  1. Can my lessons start from Les Brevieres?

All lessons start and finish in Le Lac. The piste in Les Brevieres is at the bottom is busy red run. There is also a poma lift on this slope which isn’t ideal for beginner snowboarders. At certain times of year this slope is also not advisable for even advanced snowboarders due to its conditions.

  1. What will be the focus of the group lessons?

We cover all aspects of snowboarding in our group lessons; piste performance, steeps, off piste, freestyle. We also flexible to the needs and wants of the groups, as well as the conditions. There are certain times when it is not safe for us to go offpiste or when the park will be closed.

  1. I can link turns indoors do I still need to join beginners?

Snowboarding in a mountain environment is very different to snowboarding indoors. On a day to day basis snow conditions can change, as well a varying camber in slopes. Also, the main slopes in most indoor centres are equivalent to greens out here. From the outset we teach in a different style to help accommodate these variables.

  1. Do you recommend learning indoors before joining group lessons?

Not necessarily necessary.

  1. Do your level numbers correlate with those indoors?

Our levels do not correspond to the levels indoors. We advise everyone who has learnt indoors and never been on a mountain to join our level 1 group.

  1. Are we given a contact number for our instructor?

We have one dedicated number in resort that should be used in all this instances. This is for our secretary who will relay any messages or answer any queries you may have.

Meeting Point

  1. Where do you meet for lessons?

We meet at the Maison de Tignes, near the Credit Agricole cashpoint on the corner of the building (not the Lift pass office end, the other end). There is a free bus service that runs every 10 minutes between the sub-villages of Le Lac, Lavachet and Val Claret. It takes approx 10 minutes from either end Tignes to get to Le Lac.  See below for directions from your sub-village to our meeting point.


VAL CLARET to Le Lac bus route. Get on bus at any stop in lower val claret, you’ll go under a tunnel; get off at the next stop after that. Walk to the right towards the large wooden building (the Maison de Tignes); we meet on the corner of the building by the cash machine.

LE LAC – ask anyone for directions to the Maison de Tignes.  It’s a big wooden building next to Palafour lift.  Looking at the Maison de Tignes from the piste (upper side not the lower, bus station side), we meet at the right-hand corner of the building by the cash machine.

LES BOISSES, take the bus up to Le Lac. Get off the bus when it pulls into the bus station/lane, opposite the ELAN service station. Get out, walk around the other side of the bus and you’ll see a large wooden building (the Maison de Tignes). Take the steps on the left-hand side and we meet at the top of those steps near the Credit Agricole cash machine.

LES BREVIERES is a little different from the rest of Tignes as it is about 15-20 minutes away by car. To get to Le Lac, take the passenger chairlift (“Brevieres”) from Les Brevieres to Les Boisses. When you get off the chair, turn immediately left and walk down a short slope to the turning circle, where you will see a little wooden shed on your left; this is the bus stop. The bus from Boisses leaves every half hour on the quarter hour in the mornings, from 8:15 to 11:45am. It then restarts every half hour from 12:30pm. Then you take the bus up to Le Lac, which takes approx. 12 minutes. Get off the bus when it pulls into the bus station/lane, opposite the ELAN service station. Get out, walk around the other side of the bus and you’ll see a large wooden building (the Maison de Tignes). Take the steps on the left-hand side and we meet at the top of those steps near the cash machine. Please note: “Brevieres” chair opens at 9:00am. Chair takes approximately 12 minutes.


  1. What time do rental companies open?

Blackcats, who we recommend for your rental in Val Claret are open from 8:30am – 7:30pm each day.  In Le Lac, we recommend Labo, which is next door to the Carefour supermarket near the Palafour lift . Alternately, if you are staying in Lavachet, Les Brevierres or Val d’isere, we recommend Tignes Spirit.

  1. Are helmets a prerequisite?

Wearing a helmet is a personal choice. However, we do recommend wearing any safety equipment not only for your own personal protection but for peace of mind as well. A helmet, wrist guards, impact shorts or knee guards can you give you an extra bit of confidence during your lesson.

  1. Can I get hire directly from you?

We do not hire out equipment, but are happy to recommend top quality rental facilities to you.


ADVANCED (The mountain is your playground a big theme park to explore, gain new skills to do it.)

Designed to improve your skills in more specific areas of snowboarding, such as steeps, powder, carving, switch and freestyle. A typical week will see you predominantly riding blues, reds, black runs and “off piste”. Focusing on more challenging terrain at higher speeds.

We’ll start gently re-discovering technique, adding a little freestyle and freeride, providing time to rebuild your skills in varying types of snow and terrain. Adrenaline is guaranteed but not at the price of safety.  Understanding the fundamental elements is key to performing to a very high level. You’ll be  coached through what we call the 5 strands; Steeps, Piste Performance, Bumps, Variable terrain and Freestyle covering all areas of snowboarding, on and off piste.

By the end of your holiday, you will gain a new bag of tricks to show off in the park and whilst cruising around, plus you’ll have a much stronger technical understanding of how to ride the entire mountain.  If you are looking to follow the path of becoming an instructor or just want to become the best you can be, this is the program for you.

INTERMEDIATE (You have control of your board, you wan to push your riding whilst discovering the mountain environment)

You’ve had a few weeks riding in the mountains and you can link turns comfortably down greens & blue pistes.   You genenerally feel more challenged down the steeper parts or red runs, sometimes feeling happier turning onto one edge (toe or heel).  You think you have some work to do before feeling comfortable linking turns on steeper sections of reds and tackling black runs.

You’ll discover interesting places on the mountain; having a giggle along the way.  By the end of the week, you should be comfortable going down most blues and red pistes.  You’ll have taken on a few black runs, had a go in the park on the kickers and rails.  Plus, should the weather be kind to us, ventured off piste play in the powder.

BEGINNER (Learn or perfect basic skills and build confidence)

You’re a complete beginner, you’ve given it a bash indoors, or you fancy going back to basics after a long time away from the snow.  Perhaps you feel you have lost your confidence and want to take it easy, concentrating on technique to regain your skills.

In this level you’ll learn the skills required to safely negotiate the mountain together with a few tricks to be sure you’re doing it in style. Using safe progressions to reach the goal of making relaxed rhythmical turns down green & blue runs whilst having a giggle along the way.

Our method of teaching is tried, tested and proven to be the most effecting learning technique around. We ensure that everyone achieves the basic skills, which can be implemented to further improve your riding. We aim to provide an understanding of how to use the fundamental elements of snowboarding (basic technique of riding) to help you achieve your goals.

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