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“Excellent instruction & lots of fun!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 9 April 2013

Renelle was a fantastic instructor – she catered to the individual needs of the group and really helped me to improve my technique. She also made sessions fun by mixing it up and teaching us lots of tricks – I had a great time!

Review from www.tripadvisor.co.uk by Carolyn A (search Alliance Snowboard School, Renelle’s former business)

“Renelle has the patience of a saint” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 April 2013

I attended group level 2l lessons and was scared of everything and Renelle was great, kept encouraging me and kept me calm when I was starting to freak out. I got so frustrated at not being able to grasp it as quick as I had wanted to and was ready to quit, Renelle said `we don’t quit`we`re a team` I fully intended not attending my last lesson but after she said that I completed the lesson and linked turns on a red run! Couldn’t recommended Alliance enough :)

Review from www.tripadvisor.co.uk by Ebony123 Newcastle (search Alliance Snowboard School, Renelle’s former business)

“Learn from the best!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed 21 March 2013

If you want to improve your snowboarding or just ride with a good crew then it doesn’t get better than Alliance. I did my Level 4 with Simon last year and my girlfriend Kate did her Level 3 and 4 with Renelle and Simon this year, while I did some freestyle and free-ride sessions. The instructors keep it fun even when it gets challenging, and the atmosphere in the lessons is positive and always encouraging. Whatever level you’re currently at, just starting out, wanting to go big in the park, improve your style or hit the powder, a session with Alliance will bring something new to your riding and let you get more out of it! oh yeah…and it doesn’t feel like you’re in a class…

Review from www.tripadvisor.co.uk by Gili Trawangan, Indonesia (search Alliance Snowboard School, Renelle’s former business)

“Fantastic Snowboarding lessons” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 25 February 2013

My 10 year-old daughter Izzy has just had her first week’s course of snowboarding lessons with Renelle at Alliance – she’s awesome! So friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and with the patience of a saint! My daughter has enjoyed her time with Alliance so much, she’s begging to go back next year to progress onto the next level with Renelle. I can highly recommend Alliance Snowboarding whether a nervous beginner or confident intermediate – you will not be disappointed.

Review from www.tripadvisor.co.uk by Mike M (search Alliance Snowboard School, Renelle’s former business)

“AWESOME!!!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 10 January 2013

Our second time to tignes and with Alliance, incredible teaching making lessons fun and valuable. You will come away from Alliance feeling like you have improved immensely over the course of the week. The highlight of the week was definitely the ‘Lost Valley’ and riding off piste with Renelle. Definitely worth going back to Tignes for!!!

Review from www.tripadvisor.co.uk from Tignesaddict1 (search Alliance Snowboard School, Renelle’s former business)

“So much fun!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 January 2013

My second time with Alliance and both times have been great. Renelle and Simon are great teachers and make the lessons fun (as thats really what its all about!). Always learn some new tricks, see the best bits of tignes (e.g the lost valley) and improve over the week!

Review from www.tripadvisor.co.uk by Papersnowflakes (search Alliance Snowboard School, Renelle’s former business)

We have done level 3 with Renelle this year.

  We both feel like we have learnt loads from Alliance – last year we had only done a few hours at an indoor snowdome and by the end of a week we were hitting the obstacles in the park and black runs. We debated trying a different resort this year but didn’t think we could find the same level of instructors (and Tignes is such an awesome resort for boarders, we didn’t really want to go anywhere else anyway!)

Renelle put loads of emphasis on the important fundamentals of snowboarding whilst making sure everyone is having fun at the same time with a relaxed teaching style. This year Renelle taught us some flatland tricks – ollies, butters, nose and tail presses as well as hitting the park, some off piste and working on general posture and technique.

 We would recommend them to anyone going to Tignes – after a week you will be a solid rider able to ride anything on the mountain!

Thanks again and see you next year!

 Rachel and Ryan

From: Rachel Clarke, 21.04.12


Thanks for the great lessons with Renelle last week, its convinced me to return to Tignes again next year. Prior to the group lessons I didn’t think I could master going down steep terrain in control, but Renelle’s teaching of cross under turns really sorted that out.

Many thanks for the excellent lessons,


From:  Tony Collins, 09.04.12

Can you pass on a MASSIVE thanks to Renelle, for the lessons last week.
She made some extra time and effort to push me further on the final day, which was really appreciated. 

Cheers, Steve

From:  Steve Galloway, 27.03.12

We got back from a great week in Tignes yesterday. 

I’m not sure if Renelle told you, but she had to cancel our last two lessons due to her shoulder injury. We’re all really bummed for her as much as anything. Even in the two sessions we had with her she helped the 3 of us to progress so much. Even with one arm tucked inside her jacket in a sling Renelle still rips! 

We’ll be back again next year I hope (if we’ve not moved back to Oz), and will of course be recommending her to everyone we meet. Please say thanks to Renelle for all her help, and tell her to get better soon. 

All the best,


From:  Michael Waite, 04.03.12

Nicole and I had an amazing time this week in Tignes. We both agree that the lessons have made our holiday this year. I was in a group with Renelle, what can I say: she pointed out all out our bad habbits, then taught us how to ride more techincally and correctly. She is so much fun, she has a really positive buzz that is contagious and she creates just the right atmosphere for learning. To top it all each lesson was different, one day she took us on a little off-piste session, including riding through a gulley, showing me things I’d never see on my own or with friends. At the end of the week, I felt like I’d improved massively and I reckon that showed on the last run when I was blasting down reds and blacks.

Thanks Guys, we always try and visit different places, but this time we’ve said that we want to come back to Tignes for our next boarding holiday, just to have more lessons with you!

All the best.
 Jez and Nicole x

From:  Jez & Nicole Jarvis, 05.02.12

Big shout out and thanks to Renelle for our week of lessons. Michael and I had an awesome time. We really appreciated your patient instructions and the fun that we had with you.  Both of us came away with a better level of riding and understanding of technique…just need to keep putting it into practice!

Keep on the Lemon Drizzle :-)

 Louise and Michael

From:  Louise & Michael, 06.02.12

Just a quick line to Renelle to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time and effort last week in our lessons with you, we both had a great time during the lessons. Both of us would never have reached the standards we are riding at without you!
I really appreciate your patience with me in particular as I was not the best or quickest to grasp student; but I got there in the end, and believe it or not you did help me improve my confidence and reduce my fears!
I can now keep a flow of turns together past 3 turns without falling! 
(which seemed to be my limit last week with you!)
Press…..Roll…..Patience….and bend your knees… – this is =
something which I will never forget.
By the end of the week I was able to snowboard across the mountains almost to Val D’Isere (would have made it too, if the piste was not shut into Val due to avalanche risk)!!
Your enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment of snowboarding is inspiring and I can not wait to return to Tignes to have a go at your Snowboard School, hopefully later in the season.
Thanks once again.

From:  Emily Garland, 22.01.12

Neil & Mandy

Posted to TripAdvisor:

Teaching so good I had to go back for more!

I can already snowboard. Been riding for 4 years now but not taken lessons since the dome in Leeds. I should have contacted Alliance sooner. Renelle transformed my riding in under 3 hours – given me control, accuracy, speed and style.

Wanting to progress my riding, I booked a 1.5 hr 1-to-1 lesson with Renelle to work on my technique and maybe add a little finesse to my ride. Renelle wasted no-time in reviewing my setup, making some tweaks then getting me on the board and moving. No time was wasted – talk on the lifts! She analysed my style, quickly helped me identify what was wrong/where I could do better and broke down the instructions in to readily adoptable chunks to get me immediate response. Three turns, analyse, instruct, three turns, report, next… I’ve never progressed at anything so quickly as Renelle turned me me from heavy-bodied-mountain-cruiser to light-footed-piste-rocket 

Renelle will probably recommend I keep up the lessons but I still feel like a pro! Thank you both so much!

I cannot recommend enough for their professionalism, expertise, fun and enthusiasm.

From:  Neil & Mandy, 15.01.12

I just wanted to say that from a previous holiday, I only got to spend about 8 hours on a board (and two of those were with Renelle taking me through the fundamentals (very impressive woman!) and fixing all the daft ideas that had been put in my head about how the board worked). Then an 18 month wait and then back on the board with you on Christmas day to see what I had remembered from Renelle, it was a bit nerve racking!! I had visions of a spill off the nursery slope chair lift before we even got going!! 

Anyway you put me completely at ease, the lessons were great fun and I really enjoyed the rides. I felt I made massive progress in the 5 days I got to ride and at the end I clicked with the whole bending before the turn and straightening out of the turn along with (for me) a final glorious ride down palafour linking turns (new Mantra – Bend….Gentle!!!!……Roll) the whole way without landing on the left butt cheek (which after a 137 crashes on to it from 5 days of heel side turns going wrong was a wee bit tender!) which was a great testiment to your excellent teaching. I had some really good laughs and it was good to be able to get a beer in on the final night.

By Monday I was wishing I was back out on the snow for another set of lessons!

Anyway look after yourself and thanks again for teaching me how much fun riding is and that even though I’m 40 next year I can still make my body do something like that. I’m sure Em and I will be back in Tignes at some point (I still need to bring her over from the dark side of skiing!) so maybe we’ll see you there and we can all do a beer or five!


From:  Mark Govus, 05.01.12

Unbelievable week spent with Alliance under the watchful eye of Renelle, quite simply the best tuition available anywhere in Europe. I have recommended you to everyone I know who is having a trip to Val and Tignes this winter, level of training was so high it’s a must for anyone who wants to push forward. Once again thanks and I will see you again later in the year.

From: Simon Short, 07.01.12

Dear Renelle,

Many thanks for all the time and effort you put into helping Edward prepare for his BASI level 2 course – your feedback was invaluable;I don’t think he would have achieved the standard without your encouragement, advice and support.

I am very grateful to you all!

 Many thanks.

 Kind regards,

 Joanne McClelland.

From:  Joanne McCleland, 18.03.11

Renelle from me personally I just wanted to truly thank you for a great few hours lessons last week (making the turn to the dark side so enjoyable I guess – it bloomin hurt sometimes though)! As I think I mentioned to you at the time, I never thought I would see the day when I swapped my skis for a snowboard – perhaps I should blame Alex and Doug but that wouldn’t be altogether true or fair – it was all my own doing, a great opportunity came my way, I took it and am now left with great memories, a great sense of achievement, a fair amount of multi-coloured bruises J, the ability to link a few turns together and more great friends in Tignes. PARFAIT!!

From:  Carolyn Bell, 16.03.11

Hi Renelle,

We just wanted to drop you a (belated) email to say thank-you so much for lessons during the week commencing 31st Jan 2011.

Your lessons were fantastic – we learnt so much in the 6 hours of tuition we had with you & our riding has improved loads. I don’t think either of us would ever believe we’d be pulling off switch backside 180’s by the end of the week – it was awesome!!

We’ll definitely be back in Tignes again. Thanks again!!!

 Dan & Tammy.

From:  Daniel White, 23.2.11

We have just returned from a week spent snowboarding with you and just wanted to pass on a massive thanks for the fantastic coaching. Renelle’s coaching styles perfectly suited myself and my husband Steve and we both came away feeling considerably more confident and skillful.

From:  Steve Brooks, 02.01.11

Thanks to Renelle and her great lessons last week!! Feel so much more confident!! Wish the crew all the best for 2011!! X

From:  Judith Lockhart, 28.12.10

Hi Renelle,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for my tuition the other day. I half expected that I had developed a lot of bad habits over the last eight years and to have someone take the time to explain not only what I should be doing it but also WHY I should be doing it was great – and I can already see the benefits; the nose of the board is holding much better on piste, I’m not losing height in my turns and my switch riding has improved beyond all recognition in a matter of days (I don’t really have to worry about which way I’m facing any more, switch is almost as comfortable as regular).

Also – the main thing I wanted to get out of the lesson was a few tips on rotational tricks…well, I can now land a switch frontside 360 with my eyes shut (I got a bit carried away and started trying for 540’s – I’m very nearly there but not stomped one yet!). I have no idea why I find 360s easier in switch – perhaps it’s because I’m actually riding more technically correctly than I do when I’m regular as I haven’t had to ‘unlearn’ all my bad habits!

From: James Oldring, 20.12.10

Hi Renelle,

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent tuition again. Alliance was the main reason we chose to come back to Tignes and it was so worth it! – as always you were leagues ahead of all the other boarding schools we’ve tried both in Europe and the States. See you next year (if only to steal your board pants lol!!)

Catherine (& Jeff)

From:  Catherine & Jeff, 13.12.10

Hey Renelle,
Was an absolute pleasure riding with you and learning SO much from you on Wednesday this week. Thanks a million.

From:  Steve Galloway, 19.04.10

Just wanted to say the level 3-4 group with Renelle w/c 8th feb was brilliant. Not only did I meet some great people, I had a fantastic week. I even extended the amount of lessons I had whilst I was out there as I didn’t want to miss out! I had a bit of a wuss attack when I realised we’d be doing tricks and crazy stuff…but Renelle soon made me realise that I was actually ready for it, and in fact it helps massively when you then apply it to your piste and off piste style. I now feel like a true boarder…thank you so much! 

Cat xxx

From:  Catherine Peel, 20.02.10

Hey guys! i just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! to renelle for her excellent level 3/4 tuition last week in tignes. i had sooo much fun and improved tremendously, achieving all i set out to achieve at the start of the week, plus advancing even further than that.

From: Penelope Huggins, 26.01.10

A Quick note to say thanks for the great lessons – never thought I would be in the park on rollers, boxes and jumps at 43. Ben was great at making everyone feel relaxed and ready for anything. My 13 year old daughter Millie had lessons with Renelle and improved dramatically from her previous weeks snowboarding and was enthused from day one!! Thanks for a great week and i hope you enjoy the videos (taking a long time to edit but will send them eventually).

From:  Mark Hutchinson, 18.01.10

I want to say a particular thanks to Renelle for her patience and encouragement and for telling me to get some new bindings!!!! I love snowboarding now, the fear of going up the lift for the first run is now replaced by anticipation… Can’t wait to come back for another round. A massive thank you – worth every penny!!!!!!

From: Ruth Clark, 07.01.10

Just a quick note to say thanks for an absolutely 1st class week. I know Rowan and I have both improved massively as a result of our 4 days spent with Renelle. Brace yourselves for Archie coming over at Xmas for some one on one coaching !!! See you soon.

From:  Nik & Rowan Coultas, 21.04.09

I’ve just returned home after a fantastic week in Tignes. Wanted to say thanks to Renelle for such AMAZING beginners lessons!!

I joined some friends on their holiday only after one of them dropped out and they needed a replacement. Never considered a snowboarding trip as a particularly appealing prospect and said yes only because I knew there would be pubs there. I’d always thought I had rubbish coordination and didn’t think I’d actually be able to move very far on the thing.

I was clearly wrong. I found it all immensely rewarding/fun and still cannot believe I managed to make it down that black run, with that wind! Definately hope to snowboard again and have already started recommending the experience to other people. Thanks!!

From: Tom Linton, 30.03.09

Hi Renelle and all the team,

Just thought I would send a wee note to say a massive thankyou for all your help over the week we were in Tignes.

Renelle, you have to be the most patient person I have ever met, your ability to teach us all exactly what to do, even when, time and time again we were shockingly bad, you still gave us so much encouragement, is a very special gift indeed. 

Through all the tears and tantrums you were there to give us support and hold our hands till eventually we got it, it clicked and we were so amazingly proud of ourselves. I can’t say enough how luck I feel to have had such a positive experiance in your hands. I can now officially say I have caught the boarding bug and cant wait till next time I am out.

With all my thanks

Jill x

From: Jill Davidson, 23.03.09

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say a great big thank you to Renelle for the great lessons she gave us whilst we were away last week. You are a fantastic teacher, and I will recommend Alliance to anybody who is looking to learn snowboarding in Tignes. I will definitely be getting in touch for more lessons to progress onto a higher level when I next venture out there, which hopefully won’t be too long! Our lessons were fun and exciting, and the rest of the people in our group were such lovely people. It was altogether a brilliant experience and I can’t thank you enough.

See you again soon and take care!

Charlotte Spencer & Sarah Larsen

From:  Charlotte Spencer, 23.03.09

Hi guys,

Just a short note to say a huge thanks to Renelle, for an amazing 2 weeks in Jan. Nelly got me from total beginner to black runs in just 2 days (awesome) and an unforgettable off piste run down the stunning Lost Valley. Introducing me to nollies, ollies, slashes, butters, boardslides etc and a little bit of air only whet my appetite for more… so much so that I’m back with you again next week. Can’t wait!

Great technical teaching skills and passion for the mountains, but also in the context of a holiday, perhaps the most important thing is that you’re all genuinely nice people and great fun to be around.

Cheers and see you in a couple of days. Neil

From: Neil Sims, 22.03.09

Hey Renelle,

thanks for the one-off lesson – it gave us a lot to think about and we practiced it for the rest of the week. Made a huge difference – with confidence and hopefully our technique for the better!

We’d definitely use Alliance again, and would go for a week of intermediate/advanced lessons next time.


From:  Andrew Buxton, 13.03.09

Dear Renelle

Just got back to London and we are having some serious withdrawal symptoms so we thought we should drop you a note to say thank you so much for adding the little extra that made for an awesome holiday. We also wanted to send some feedback for others thinking about getting some lessons from Alliance……..just do it you won’t be sorry!!!! 

It was my 4th week of snowboarding and Charlene’s 2nd week and the idea was to get Charlene closer to my level so we booked Alliance for private lessons for 4 morning sessions. Our instructor turned out to be Renelle. 

We were both a bit nervous on our first day in a new resort but Renelle put us at ease right from the start. Renelle took us quickly through the basics while assessing our progress and level at each step and then moving on when she was confident that we had it down while also giving us the little push when needed. We enjoyed it so much we just had to get a 5th day with her. 

Renelle is a very knowledgeable and excellent instructor and her instructions were easy to follow and to put into practise and her passion for boarding is infectious. Charlene was quickly able to do both heel and toe turns and soon after she was linking turns at increasing speed……she even managed a 180 and an ollie!!!!! Renelle gave me some much needed correction on my posture and switch riding and I was doing 180’s and some other manuals with ease towards the end of the week.

The the most important aspect for us was that once Renelle was sure we had the technique she instilled confidence in Charlene to go for it while ensuring that we were having fun the whole time. Towards the end of the week we were going solo all over the mountain following routes that Renelle had kindly written down for us (it being out first time in Tignes) and doing some amazing off-piste riding with Renelle in knee deep snow……..

We are fans for life and will be booking Renelle for further lessons as soon as we can.


Daryn and Charlene “born to ride”

From:  Daryn & Charlene, 25.01.09

Hi Renelle,

Now back in the UK we just want to say a big thank you for the lessons we had with you last week. 

Oakley, Ella & I had all ski-ed for four seasons but this was our first full week on a snowboard, having only had a single day self teaching last year, and then two sessions at the MK Snow-dome, so we were all just above complete beginner level. 

We found the first mornings tuition really good, with you breaking the mystic art of snow-boarding down into easily digestible chunks that meant we had the confidence to go up on the Palafour lift that first afternoon! As the lessons progressed we liked the fact that you were able to work with us as a group, but also pick up on our individual needs. Also, it wasn’t just about getting the board down the slope, we learnt so much from your guidance on how best to tackle each part of the piste, from wide flat runs, to the trickier steeper narrow sections. By the end of the four lessons we were all amazed by how much we had learnt & how quickly we had done so. On the last day we found ourselves cruising down long runs, doing nice linked turns with confidence and not worrying so much about slowing down or picking an easier spot to try our turns.

We are now very happy to be able to call ourselves snowboarders, so thank you for that, and we can’t wait to get the chance to get back to the slopes to practice and refine our new skills, and hopefully benefit from your expert tuition once more.

Keep up the good work and have a great season.

All the best. 

Jonathan, Oakley & Ella

From:  Jonathan Moffat, 31.12.08

Sorry this is a bit of a slow follow-up email, but I wanted to drop you a
line and say to Renelle, thank you very much for the week of lessons we had
at the beginning of March. We really enjoyed it and were blown away by the
contrast between our lessons with you this time and those we had with ESF a
couple of years ago. You gave us a much more detailed and technical
explanation of everything – even the seasoned boarders in our group were
impressed by what we were coming out with! We need a bit more practice to
get the hang of things, but perhaps we’ll see you next year for the next
Although having watched your rail crash on YouTube, I think we might
concentrate on just getting down the mountain! Hope your leg is better now.
Have a good rest of season and a great Summer with your chats!

Love Jo & Jason

From:  Jo & Jason, 27.03.08

Hey Renelle,

Thanks so much for your excellent and patient teaching: it was a great week and really inspiring to be taught by someone so passionate, talented and cool.

I went out and did some nice runs on Saturday with my family and even (I think) managed some carving! A great week and I’ll definitely give you an email for some more lessons if I get back out to Tignes.

From:  David, 15.03.08

Hi Renelle,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making my snowboard week the best yet. I have been snowboarding for three years and was struggling with my confidence massively…….until this year!! You were an amazing and patient teacher and really helped every single person in the group. I really feel like a proper snowboarder now, and cant wait to get back on the slopes :) Tignes was amazing, the snow was amazing and Alliance Snowboard was amazing.

Thank you once again, and I hope to return next year. Hopefully in the next group up!! I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family.

From:  Sarah Boulton

Hey Renelle,
Thanks so much for your excellent and patient teaching: it was a great week and really inspiring to be taught by someone so passionate, talented and cool. I went out and did some nice runs on Saturday with my family and even (I think) managed some carving! A great week and I’ll definitely go for more lessons if I get back out to Tignes.

From:  David Lockie

Hey Renelle! 
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the absolutely BRILLIANT lessons I had with you. Cant believe I went from having you tie my boots on properly to being able to get down the runs so smoothly, feel like I made so much progress everyday. Learning to board is so much harder than it looks, I would never have been able to do it without your coaching and so glad I didn’t go with the other schools too, you guys are the best by a mile. So yeah, really appreciated your patience and perseverance with us 3 ladies, was awesome fun and cant wait to get back to Tignes again and see how far I can get with another weeks lessons!

Im so sad to be back at work today!! You have the best job in the world, have a brilliant 2008.

From:  Lynne Curran

Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for your excellent snowboard instruction this past week. Who would have thought from my sketchy “audition” on Day 1 that by the end of the week I would be able to cruise with confidence and speed (!), ride switch and do a couple of tricks! I have taken lessons in the US, Canada and Europe and you are the only one who has been able to see and help me kick my bad boarding habits. Also really appreciated your challenging me by pushing me beyond my comfort zone and on to the next level. I cannot wait to get back to Tignes to ride again with the Alliance team! Not only fantastic teaching but also such great fun!!!!

From:  Christine Lee

Hi Renelle!

Just to say thank you for a fantastic week of snowboarding . As a self-taught/un tutored boarder you sorted me out from day 1! You were so patient in correcting my very bad habits and explaining and teaching the correct posture and technical stuff that made my riding so much easier and me more confident on the snow! I may have been quite slow riding down piste at times, but I know I have a really good technique and foundation that will certainly improve my riding with time! I would always walk away from lessons with a smile and this great sense of accomplishment that I had done something I had always been so scared to do in the past – like some little tricks (which I will keep practicing), going off piste, going on black runs and one that I really enjoyed – going down the half pipe!!! (with board attached to my feet and not going down on my bum and belly!)
I really appriciated the lessons and really felt it was money well worth spent – a lot better quality than if I had have gone for the cheaper ESF choice!

From:   Petrina Jones

Went riding on a board in December 06, and have got to say was one of the best experiences of my life, so much in fact i went back for more in Jan! Was ripping up the slopes with Renelle who i must thank for her amazing teaching skills that had me over the whole mountain by day three, and whom also made me realise my total passion for snowboarding, im well and truely converted, im now hooked, she rocks, infact the whole team rock, i was stoked by the end of each lesson! I 
can’t wait to come back for more, ill be there next season for sure! Thanx once again Renelle… Loz

From:  Lauren

Hi There Renelle
Just wanted to say a big thanx for the BRILLIANT lessons I had with you. I really appreciated your patience, perserverence and also your sheer determination to get me snowboarding…. I would probably have been leafing down the nursery slope all week rather than cruising the mountains.
Looking forward to next year when I will definitely be booking more lessons
Just want to wish you loads of luck

From:  Jill

It was great learning to snowboard with you afew weeks ago. Especially after all the problems with E.S.F and their instructors who couldnt even speak clear english and the really big groups! I would choose you over E.S.F anyday. Your enthusiam helped me to get more confident because i was so nervous! You really helped me to learn and pick up the techniques. Hope to see you soon!

From:  Faye Nicholls

Thank you for the snowboarding lessons you provided in Tignes, we had a fantastic time from start to finish. Having never stepped on a board before I was a little apprehensive but was immediately put at ease by Renelle. She was a brilliant tutor, explaining methodology clearly and at a level understood by all. She knew when to be serious and when to have fun, identifying what would produce the best results in her students. We had a group of mixed ages and ability and whilst we all progressed at different rates Renelle managed to balance everyone’s progression so that they felt comfortable and not pressured. By the end of the week we were all completing blue and red runs with confidence and even did a couple of half pipes. Her enthusiasm and love of the mountain and boarding is certainly infectious and inspiring and I’m sure that all of our group will be returning to the slopes as a result. My only complaint is that she made it look too easy! The other alliance representatives that I had contact with were all equally as professional and had a similar attitude. If you are thinking of boarding in Tignes or Val d’isere then Alliance is the only way to go.

Thanks once again & see you next year, if not before!


PS. I was going to mention that being taught by a hot chick helped enormously, but didn’t think it was appropriate!

From:  Matt Isherwood

Thanks so much Renelle for the lessons I had with you. Your competence, energy and enthusiasm were inspiring. You’ve really helped improve my technique and confidence.

The lessons were fantastic preparation for the following week I had in Austria. I was able to work on the things you introduced in the sessions and make them stick. I’m boarding so much better now, especially when snow conditions are dodgy. Hope to see you out in Tignes again some time soon.

From: Meno Smits, 05.02.07

We have just returned from Tignes. My seven year old son Josh and I have successfully negotiated our first snowboarding adventure. This was done as a result of excellent instruction from the Alliance snowboarding team (particularly Renelle). We had five days of lessons which were made exciting and enjoyable by the patience, good humour and excellent teaching; a definite
recommendation for anybody visiting this part of Europe. Darran ( South Wales).

From:  Darran Oakley, 02/02/07

Out of the couple of boarding trips I have been on, something clicked on this one and I think Renelle had a lot to do with it! I ended on a complete high after our last lesson, I just had such fun and was a mental shift for me as I left Tignes feeling like I can snowboard and now cant wait for the next trip.
I have had such a mental barrier which I just don´t have anymore. Renelle, you have a very rare coaching technique and such a genuine passion. I only wish you had taken me for my first lesson!

From:  Christina, 20.01.07

Its johnny eggs here just saying hi and that we managed to get back to the Port safely. We all wanna say thanks again for dropping the science on us and teaching us the skills to go ride properly, its hard enough trying to walk and chew gum at the same time so you did us all proud. Big up Renelle for being super smooth on the slopes.

 I´m going to make my own nursery slope in my kitchen to keep me going until the next time I get to Tignes. 

Johnny eggs and the GLC boys.

From:  Eggsy & Goldie Looking Chain, 15.01.07

Hi Renelle, It’s Alexa here…remember the girl who couldn’t do the chair lifts! I just wanted to say a really big thank you to you for all the help you gave me on my snowboarding lessons in Tignes. I really enjoyed my lessons although they were tough at times – and I thank you for all your efforts in improving my confidence on the slopes. You really were wonderful!

We have just booked a big group skiing/boarding trip with our friends. We are coming to Tignes again and staying in a lovely apartment. We would love to book some lessons again if you will have me.

From:  Alexa, 10.01.07

Registered office address: Flat 1, Tilham Farm, Baltonsborough, Glastonbury, BA68QA