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Instructor training support with a BASI Snowboard Trainer.

BASI Shadowing Hours

Achieve your BASI Shadowing hours with Fresh Snowboarding ‘tag along’ weeks.  As part of the BASI criteria, Instructors are required to complete 70 hours of ski school experience.  You’ll have the opportunity to join high end groups where you can work on your riding, receive technical feedback whilst gaining valuable teaching knowledge.  For more information, please email.

BASI Resits & Refreshers

BASI Instructors are required to ‘REFRESH’ their qualification every 3 years.  Fresh Snowboarding offers private and group refreshers in Tignes or Val d’isere for any level of instructor.

Perhaps you are required to ‘RESIT’ either the technical or teaching part of your BASI Course.  If this is the case, Fresh Snowboarding can help.    Please email us with your requirements.

BASI Instructor Distance Coaching

No need to travel, we can help you prepare for your next BASI course, keeping an eye on your riding progression from anywhere in the world.  Available in 2 different package options …

BASI Instructor Training Pack £360 for 4 analysis sessions
Designed for Instructors climbing the BASI ladder. You can have a BASI trainer keep an eye on your progression throughout the season to keep you on track.  Send a short clip (guidelines provided for footage) focusing on 3 BASI strands per clip, either Central Theme or Beyond. Your video will be returned with voice-over, graphic annotations for steps 1 & 2, analysis & feedback phase.  Extra recorded footage will be provided for the action plan phase. Price is for 4 video sessions.
‘AM I READY’ Level Assessment £80 per session
Not sure if you are ready to take your next BASI Assessment Course.  Wondering what your level is in relation to the BASI criteria. Send me your video, riding the central theme and the 5 strands for analysis.  You’ll receive a response stating ‘at the level’ or ‘not at the level’ for each of the strands. Feedback, action plan available upon request with a further £100 payment.

BASI Level 1 & 2 Assessment Courses

Held in Val d’Isère by BASI business partner, ICE Snowsports. For more details go to: www.icesi.org

BASI Level 1 11/01/16 – 15/01/16  &  07/03/16 – 11/03/16
BASI Level 2 29/02/16 – 12/03/16   &  18/04/16 – 29/04/16

BASI Level 1 & 2 Pre-course intensive training

Set yourself up for success with pre-course training day (7 hours coaching) covering the course content in brief.  Technical development with feedback, achievable goal setting and action plans.  Get a clear idea of the assessment criteria and your level in relation to the criteria.  Improve your chances of passing the course by completing the pre-course training on Saturday, then practise on Sunday, followed by the BASI course on Monday in Val d’isere.  Contact us for more details.

BASI Level 1 10/01/16  & 06/03/16
BASI Level 2 28/02/15  &  17/04/15

BASI Instructor Gap Courses

Held in Val d’Isère by BASI business partner, ICE Snowsports. For more details go to: www.icesi.org

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