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Technical Performance Courses

Quality, not quantity!  Concentrated sessions developing technique, maximising results before fatigue sets.   Our world class coaches identify each individual’s learning style and adapt our teaching to accommodate which rapidly increase the speed of progression.

What we cover …

* Ride the natural features of the mountain, understanding exactly what you’re meant to do, and when to do it.

* Check/change board set up (where necessary).

* Technically develop: Stance & balance, carving, switch, steeps, freestyle, park, flatland, bumps and off piste (weather/snow permitting).

* Individual targeted exercises, video analysis & lots of constructive personal feedback.

5 days, 12 hrs £190 per person (3 – 6 people per group, Sun 2hr session plus midweek 4 x 2.5 hour sessions)
4 days, 10 hrs £160 per person (3 -6 people per group, midweek 4 x 2.5 hour sessions)

Freestyle   &  Off Piste

Freestyle Park & Jib Course 4 x 3hrs.. £180 pp  (1-4pm; Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri; max 6 p/group)     Beg., Int. & Adv. options available
Day 1. Stance/Balance/Switch.. Day 2. Jibs/butters.. Day 3. Airs/Grabs/Spins.. Day 4. Boxes/Rails.
Freestyle session 1 x 3hrs.. £60 pp   (1-4pm; Wed; 4 – 6 people p/group)    Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced riders
Intro to freestyle, Park or Flatland/jib
Off Piste Mountain Skills Course 4 x 3hrs.. £200 pp  (9am-12pm; Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri; 3 – 5 people p/group)    Intermediate & advanced riders 
Day 1. Stance/Balance.. Day 2. Avalanche safety, transceiver training & mountain awareness.. Day 3. Off piste riding technique.. Day 4. Backcountry adventure.
Off Piste session
1 x 3hrs.. £80 pp   (9am-12pm; Wed; 3 – 5 people p/group)   Intermediate & advanced riders
Off piste riding technique -OR- Avalanche safety, transceiver training & mountain awareness



Do you want to ride with effortless grace, ease, style and flair?

Some people just make it look so easy, so what makes the difference. What defines a really good ‘stand out’ rider?’

The answer is simple!  They make it look natural, because it feels natural…

We’ve all heard of the 5 P’s right (Perfect preparation prevents poor performance).  I’ve come to realise, in order to achieve this “natural” performance we need to approach snowboarding with a more rounded view, taking a closer look at all the elements eg. technical, psychological & physical elements, which affect rider’s performance, right down to choice of equipment.
I’ve developed a BODY, MIND, BOARD approach, which is a comprehensive strategy to discover what area’s are excelling/lacking in a person’s performance.

Pre Course (30 days before departure date)
* free pre-holiday BODY preparation program. “25 days, 25 mins per day”
* free pre-holiday MIND preparation guide book “1 hour per week”
* free pre-holiday BOARD complete equipment guide and checklist
On Course
* BODY – Personal technical performance analysis, daily video analysis, detailed individual feedback and precise action plan
* MIND – Understand personal learning style, visit limiting beliefs and cognitive behavioural patterns, finding blocks, facing and flooding fears.  Resetting and re-programing mindset.
* BOARD – Understand technical equipment, getting right equipment for you, set up analysis, relating personal body movement patters, board servicing and care.

5 x 3 hr sessions & off snow video analysis £300 per person (3 – 7 people per group, Monday-Friday)
Pre-course Guidebooks Free 



LEVELS for Technical Performance Courses

ADVANCED (The mountain is your playground a big theme park to explore, gain new skills to do it.)

Designed to improve your skills in more specific areas of snowboarding, such as steeps, powder, carving, switch and freestyle. A typical week will see you predominantly riding blues, reds, black runs and “off piste”. Focusing on more challenging terrain at higher speeds.

We’ll start gently re-discovering technique, adding a little freestyle and freeride, providing time to rebuild your skills in varying types of snow and terrain. Adrenaline is guaranteed but not at the price of safety.  Understanding the fundamental elements is key to performing to a very high level. You’ll be  coached through what we call the 5 strands; Steeps, Piste Performance, Bumps, Variable terrain and Freestyle covering all areas of snowboarding, on and off piste.

By the end of your holiday, you will gain a new bag of tricks to show off in the park and whilst cruising around, plus you’ll have a much stronger technical understanding of how to ride the entire mountain.  If you are looking to follow the path of becoming an instructor or just want to become the best you can be, this is the program for you.

INTERMEDIATE (You have control of your board, you wan to push your riding whilst discovering the mountain environment)

You’ve had a few weeks riding in the mountains and you can link turns comfortably down greens & blue pistes.   You genenerally feel more challenged down the steeper parts or red runs, sometimes feeling happier turning onto one edge (toe or heel).  You think you have some work to do before feeling comfortable linking turns on steeper sections of reds and tackling black runs.

You’ll discover interesting places on the mountain; having a giggle along the way.  By the end of the week, you should be comfortable going down most blues and red pistes.  You’ll have taken on a few black runs, had a go in the park on the kickers and rails.  Plus, should the weather be kind to us, ventured off piste play in the powder.

BEGINNER (Learn or perfect basic skills and build confidence)

You’re a complete beginner, you’ve given it a bash indoors, or you fancy going back to basics after a long time away from the snow.  Perhaps you feel you have lost your confidence and want to take it easy, concentrating on technique to regain your skills.

In this level you’ll learn the skills required to safely negotiate the mountain together with a few tricks to be sure you’re doing it in style. Using safe progressions to reach the goal of making relaxed rhythmical turns down green & blue runs whilst having a giggle along the way.

Our method of teaching is tried, tested and proven to be the most effecting learning technique around. We ensure that everyone achieves the basic skills, which can be implemented to further improve your riding. We aim to provide an understanding of how to use the fundamental elements of snowboarding (basic technique of riding) to help you achieve your goals.

Registered office address: Flat 1, Tilham Farm, Baltonsborough, Glastonbury, BA68QA