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Online web based distance coaching from anywhere in the world! Provided personally by RENELLE MORTIMER, current active BASI Trainer, highest Level 4 ISTD.  Send a short video of your performance, Renelle will watch it and guide you through the 3 easy steps below:


1) ANALYSIS Identify the strengths & weakness’ in your performance.  Set achievable goals and discover desired outcomes.
2) FEEDBACK Explain what you need to keep, what you need to change and why.
3) ACTION PLAN Provide details of necessary changes, how to implement them in your riding with a structured action plan together with short video demonstrations to complement explanations.

Available in many different package options…


Recorded Video Analysis £120 per analysis session
Provide a short clip focusing on a particular area of snowboarding (guidelines provided for taking footage). Your video will be returned with voice-over, graphic annotations for steps 1 & 2, analysis & feedback.  Extra recorded footage will be provided for step 3, action plan phase.
Live Web Session £100 per session
Web based ‘live online’ 1 hour private session with Renelle. You provide video clip for analysis (guidelines provided for taking footage) and Renelle will talk through steps 1 & 2, analysis and feedback.  For step 3, the Action plan, you’ll receive recorded demonstration footage. This session could also be to find solutions for any snowboarding questions/problems you many have, i.e. technical advice, board or equipment advice, etc.
BASI Instructor Training Pack £360 for 4 analysis sessions
Designed for Instructors climbing the BASI ladder. You can have a BASI trainer keep an eye on your progression throughout the season to keep you on track.  Send a short clip (guidelines provided for footage) focusing on 3 BASI strands per clip, either Central Theme or Beyond. Your video will be returned with voice-over, graphic annotations for steps 1 & 2, analysis & feedback phase.  Extra recorded footage will be provided for the action plan phase. Price is for 5 video sessions.
‘AM I READY’ Level Assessment £80 per session
Not sure if you are ready to take your next BASI Assessment Course.  Wondering what your level is in relation to the BASI criteria. Send me your video, riding the central theme and the 5 strands for analysis.  You’ll receive a response stating ‘at the level’ or ‘not at the level’ for each of the strands. Feedback, action plan available upon request with a further £100 payment.

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