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MLLE Freestyle Course 
5 days (15hrs) tuition £250

Embrace your grace, strut your stuff, shine your light, get out there & ride it like you own it! Every woman in the world has the capacity to ride like the boys however, us ladies work a little differently to the lads.  Your psychological approach is a massive factor in overcoming fear and performing breakthroughs. MLLE sessions have all angles covered with informative technical explanations, simple/safe stage by stage progressions, clear demonstrations, psychological tools to support riders when ‘the fear’ kicks in, all in a relaxed, chilled environment.   In our MLLE sessions, we take a look at your general stance first to ensure you are centered on your snowboard, develop your switch riding, play with a few flatland tricks ie. ollies, nollies, nose press, tail press, butters etc, then head to the park.  In order to ride the maintain safety, we will set tasks appropriate to your level.  In other words, we start small then gradually work our way up through bigger, more technical features.  We’ll cover the flat & flat down boxes first with 50/50’s and frontside & backside board slides.  On the kickers, we’ll start on the greens working on clean airs and grabs with both hands.  Then move on to the blues eventually covering front & back side 180’s & 360’s.  If you’re ready we can take those skills to the red features.  5 days (15hrs) tuition, £250 p/p

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Mlle SIDEbySIDE Slopestyle event 8th April, 2015, Tignes Park, 10:00am

After a 3 year break, the event formerly known as Sheelaz Slopestyle is taking a new form. FREE coaching on the Box & Kickers, picnic lunch on the hill and ‘soiree’ night on the town to finish off.  Femmefest is on girlies, put the date in your diaries!  More news to come in January.

Mlle Seasonaire Sessions See Calender for dates/times

To liberate the local ladies, ride with pride for the price of a couple of pints. Seasonaire Freestyle , Off Piste & Technical development Sessions.  Groups organised by rider ability ie. Beginner, intermediate, advanced.  (max 10 per group)
– 2hrs = £12
– 3hrs = £18

Every rider must start with Session 1 below as first session, then can choose from 2, 3 or 4 as their second session or come along for all 4 sessions.  Sessoions 1-4 are for Intermediate riders, however you can be a beginner in the park.  Session 5 will have separate sessions running for beginner, intermediate & advanced riders.

Session 1. Stance/Balance/Switch. Posture & balance is the most important platform for successful freestyle. We look at your setup, then get you centred on your board working on stance and body position whilst riding in both switch & regular.
Session 2. Jibs/Butters on piste. Focus on flatland discovering the endless combos of pop, press & spin. We start with ollies, nollies, presses then add rotation, spinning off each edge to create a multitude of tricks whilst cruising the mountain.
Session 3. Airs/Grabs/Spins. Park, kickers here we come. Starting with straight airs, progressing to grabs with each hand, then front side & backside spins. We start small and work our way to bigger kickers.
Session 4. Boxes/Rails. 50/50’s, front side & backside board slides starting on flat boxes, then working our way up to flat/down, rainbow, banana boxes & rail features.
Session 5. Techical Improver. Focusing on general technical riding development.

Mlle SEASONAIRE sessions schedule below (PLEASE READ levels):

04/2/15 11:00am-1:00pm; Stance/Balance/Switch
05/2/14 9:00am-11:00am; Technical Improver
05/2/15 11:00am-1:00pm; Flatland/Jibs/Butters/Spins
12/2/15 9:00am-11:00am; Boxes/Rails Level: Park Beg.
12/2/15 11:00am-1:00pm; Boxes/Rails Level: Park Int.
26/2/15 9:00am-12:00pm; Kickers/Airs/Grabs/Spins Level: Park Int.
01/4/15 12:00pm-3:00pm; Kickers/Airs/Grabs/Spins Level: Park Beg.

Levels are:
PARK Beginners – never done kickers or boxes before.
PARK Intermediate – happy on green/blue kickers & easy boxes.

To Book:
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