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      I go beyond Snowboarding!


Accelerate your snowboarding, rise above your plateau and improve beyond your expectations, FAST!  Totally customised to your needs, you’ll learn more with precise, detailed and structured coaching.

I look at YOUR snowboarding performance as a whole; the body, mind, board, mountain with unrivalled programs & courses including pre-holiday off snow preparation to support your on-snow sessions in resort. You will experience long term, lasting changes, not just quick fixes.  You’ll learn how to teach yourself with  solutions and support in technical, psychological, equipment and physical components of your snowboarding with inspiriting compassion.

I have the experience, knowledge, credentials and qualifications to not only provide high level advanced coaching but I excel in teaching all areas of snowboarding, the FRESH WAY.

Drawing on 20 years of coaching experience, examining instructors, training athletes, supporting adaptive snowboarders, you’ll receive WORLD CLASS coaching, with WORLD CLASS results!

“My goal is to create the snowboarding experience of a lifetime, install confidence and support growth to everyone, of any age or ability.”


Coaching Options… 

Registered office address: Flat 1, Tilham Farm, Baltonsborough, Glastonbury, BA68QA