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FAST track BASI qualifications


We know how to pass BASI courses because we examine them.
We help you become successful, well respected in the industry and coach to the highest level
Become an EXCEPTIONAL rider and teacher.
Our BASI instructor training courses offer potent professional development.  
Having delivered BASI courses for 14 years and as a current BASI examiner, we have a strong comprehension of the BASI course content and assessment criteria.  We know exactly what you need to pass BASI courses.
Success comes down to your attitude, your preparation, level of knowledge, skill & confidence.  Becoming an instructor takes time to perfect and refine skills. Like any athlete, success requires commitment to lifestyle changes, dedication to a structured training program and the ability to stay focused by ‘seeing the big picture’.


All-Inc. Holidays

hat’s in the price (per week): 

7 nights accommodation (Dragon Lodge Tignes)
6 day lift pass
Breakfast, afternoon tea, 3 course evening meal
Return transfers from Geneva (set times)
1 full day & 3 half days coaching
4 afternoon video analysis sessions
2 evening educational workshops
Just buy your flights…

What training you’ll receive: 

PRE HOLIDAY – OFF SNOW  Remote technical theory education and preparation for the theory behind a great teaching session.
ON HOLIDAY – OFF SNOW  4 evening technique video analysis sessions, 1 evening workshop “how to session” to re-set and re-program mindset, 1 evening workshop “how to session” on preparing the perfect lesson.
ON HOLIDAY – OFF SNOW  Precise, potent riding technique re-modeling and personal analysis, detailed individual feedback and take home action plan. A clear idea of assessment criteria & your level in relation skill acquisition phase.  Take home teaching sessions ready for your BASI course.  Understand technical equipment, getting right equipment for you, set up analysis, relating to your personal body movement patterns.

BASI Level 1

Complete the pre-course training with us, then practise over the weekend, followed by the BASI level 1 Exam course on Monday in Val d’isere with ICE.   Book your BASI Level 1 Exam week with www.icesi.org and  book your BASI Instructor Training Course with us.

03/03/18 – 10/03/18


BASI level 1 Prep week

Tech & Teach prep on snow

12/03/18 – 16/03/18 BASI level 1 Exam

BASI Level 2

We help you achieve your goals by creating a personalized structured training program, educating and supporting you along the way.  We’ll develop your technical riding, support you to understand the theory behind the technique and teaching, and we’ll show you how to deliver awesome teaching sessions.

These courses come in several options. Book your BASI Instructor Training Course.

25/11/17 – 02/12/17


07/04/18 – 14/04/18

1 week – BASI level 2 prep

Tech & Teach prep on snow

1 week – BASI level 2 prep
Tech & Teach prep on snow (freestyle focus)

18/01/17 – 02/12/18


2 week BASI Level 2 prep

Tech & Teach prep on snow + pre-holiday Theory & Teach remote prep

BASI Level 3

We help you pass your Level 3 Tech & Teach courses.   We’ll develop your technical riding and help you to understand the theory across all the 5 strands and help you understand the theory.   We’ll teach you how to deliver excellent teaching sessions beyond the discovery threshold and make sure you know all the teaching theory.   These courses truly are intensive personal development.    Book your BASI Instructor Training Course.

25/11/17 – 02/12/17


1 week – BASI level 3 prep

Tech & Teach prep on snow + 5 x pre-holiday Theory & Teach remote training sessions

Other BASI Instructor Training

“AM I READY” Consultation

Not sure if you are ready to take your next BASI Assessment Course.  Wondering what your level is in relation to the BASI criteria. Either book a 1 to 1 session in resort, or if you are completing your season in another resort, then send us your video, riding the central theme and the 5 strands for analysis.  You’ll receive a response stating ‘at the level’ or ‘not at the level’ for each of the strands with detailed feedback and action plan. Book your BASI Instructor Training.

BASI Shadowing Hours

Achieve your BASI Shadowing hours with Fresh Snowboarding ‘tag along’ weeks.  As part of the BASI criteria, Instructors are required to complete 70 hours of ski school experience.  You’ll have the opportunity to join high end groups where you can work on your riding, receive technical feedback whilst gaining valuable teaching knowledge. Book your BASI Instructor Training.

BASI Resits & CPD’s

BASI Instructors are required to ‘REFRESH’ their qualification every 3 years as part of the BASI Continued Professional Development.  Fresh Snowboarding offers private and group refreshers in Tignes or Val d’isere for any level of instructor.

Perhaps you are required to ‘RESIT’ either the technical or teaching part of your BASI Course.  If this is the case, Fresh Snowboarding can help.   Book your BASI Instructor Training.

BASI Instructor Gap Courses

Held in Val d’Isère by BASI business partner, ICE Snowsports. For more details go to: www.icesi.org


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