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For intermediate & advanced riders looking to IMPROVE, LEARN and understand the fundamentals of snowboarding whilst developing all mountain technique & style.  

You’ll receive pre course training & preparation guidance.  On holiday, you’ll rapidly transform your riding.  Off snow receive informative, eye opening evening workshops to up your mental game, knowledge of the mountain and your equipment.  

Our goal is to empower you to eventually self teach, by educating, guiding, and supporting you to ride with effortless ease, grace, style & flair. Our unique HOLISTIC approach is truly magic, delivered in a fun, sociable & relaxed atmosphere.  

Join us on our mastery of preparation & performance refinement weeks.  Expect to leave with next level riding, a fine education and a new appreciation for yourself.  

Why Choose Fresh: 

You’ll …
• Save time, improve quicker and fast track learning.
• Have confidence, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.
• Develop your technical riding with precision & consistency.
• Understand the theory behind all the technique.
• Have the ability to teach yourself after the course is completed.
• Save money by receiving correct & accurate advice from the best, an experienced BASI Instructor Trainer/Examiner


2019/20 Courses


BODY.MIND.BOARD holistic courses

Why Take a ‘Holistic Course’ 

You’ll …
• Focus on your riding as a whole, not just bash out drills to improve technique.
• Understand the importance of ‘blended’ learning, ie technique, equipment, body strength & mindset.
• Learn about yourself and how you personally learn.
• Know what to do in ‘melt down’ moments or when the mind stops you from getting to the next level.
• Be more prepared, get your BODY.MIND.BOARD ready 25 days in advance, before your holiday.
• Save time, get better faster, have more confidence, ride faster, have less falls, make new friends and smile more.

What training you’ll receive: 


PRE HOLIDAY – OFF SNOW  Remote pre holiday training & education.  Body preparation Guide “25 days, 25 mins per day”, Mind preparation questionnaire, and Complete Board equipment guide & checklist.
ON HOLIDAY – OFF SNOW  2 evening technique video analysis sessions, 2 evening workshop “how to session” (see each course for details of evening workshops)
ON HOLIDAY – ON SNOW  Coaching with precise, potent riding technique re-modeling and personal riding analysis, detailed individual feedback and take home action plan.   Understand technical equipment, getting right equipment for you, set up analysis, relating to your personal body movement patterns.  See each course below for exact amount of time on snow.


What you’ll learn & Course Types:


•  All Mountain Technique

Focus mainly being “on piste technique” on different types of slopes and varying snow conditions.  We’ll show you how to tackle steep slopes, bumpy terrain, and carve like a pro.  You’ll learn to master the fine art of turning, all different shapes, sizes & speeds.  We also cover basic freestyle flatland skills on piste, and we’ll pop in between the pistes to work on technique in variable snow.  If there’s powder we’ll be sure to give that a go too.   The 2 evening workshop “how to session” are; 1. Re-set & re-program mindset, and 2. Equipment chat with board servicing demo.  On snow, you’ll receive 1 full day and 4 half days.

BOOK & PAY ONLINE  click here, request an online payment link & book your place.


•  Freestyle Park & Technique

Looking to develop your riding technique and IMPROVE your freestyle?   The key to great freestyle is having strong fundamentals, so we will work on your stance, stacking and basic movement patterns.  We’ll refine and perfect your “on piste” technique with daily freestyle sessions covering on piste flatland jibs, tricks & spins off the side of the piste, and park freestyle sessions including kickers & boxes.   If there’s fresh snow, we’ll pop in between the pistes to develop your riding in the powder and variable terrain too if the group so chooses.  The 2 evening workshop “how to sessions” are; 1. Re-set & re-programing mindset 2. Equipment chat with board servicing demo.

BOOK & PAY ONLINE  click here, request an online payment link & book your place.


•  Off Piste Skills

Iron out bad habits, improve technique, gain confidence & speed.  Learn Avalanche awareness & transceiver rescue training.  To safely enter & navigate off-piste, a certain amount of knowledge and education is required.    You’ll learn how to blend the fundamental ingredients together to maintain speed, understand line & negotiate different off piste snow and weather conditions.   We’ll start off in between the pistes, and then venture further afield searching for fresh lines.  You’ll learn to ride making constant minor, subtle adjustments for snow and terrain. We focus on flow and consistency, improving your overall riding technique all over the mountain.  The 2 evening workshop “how to session” are: re-set and re-program mindset & avalanche awareness with transceiver training.

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Accomodation Package

What’s in the price (per week):

Accommodation, transfer & lift pass packages are available with… DRAGON LODGE & TIGNES CHALET COMPANY in Tignes and CHALET CHARDONS in Val d’isere.  Packages available from £385 exclusive to Fresh Snowboarding.   click here, to book your place. 




•  Austria All Mountain & Norway Splitboard

So excited to launch a new All Mountain Course in Austria and a Split boarding Adventure in Norway.   These weeks are totally bespoke and tailored to the needs of the group, your goals and your riding level.  You’ll have the convenience of total flexibility with your instructor riding with you, enjoying the moment all day, every day.   You’ll explore the mountain at your own personal pace.  No pressure, no judgment, just good vibes!

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2019/2020 Course Calendar

Course Date Course Type Location Course Price Full Days 1/2 days Wshops
17.11-23.11.19 BMB All Mountain Tech Tignes £265* 1 4 4
24.11-30.11.19 BMB All Mountain Tech Tignes £265* 1 4 4
04.01-11.01.20 BMB Off Piste Skills Tignes £290* 1 4 4
04.01-11.01.20 BMB Freestyle, Park & Tech Tignes £275* 1 4 4
11.01-18.01.20 VIP Bespoke Custom Val d’isere £555 4 4
18.01-25.01.20 BMB All Mountain Tech & Off Piste Skills/Riding Val d’isere £290 1 4 4
14.03-21.03.20 BMB Splitboard Skills Tignes £290 1 4 4
20.03-30.03.20 VIP Adventure Bespoke Earth £POA 6
18.04-24.04.20 BMB All Mountain Tech Tignes £250 1 4 4
18.04-24.04.20 BMB Freestyle, Park & Tech Tignes £250 1 4 4
25.05-02.05.20 BMB All Mountain Tech Tignes £250 1 4 4
10.05-18.05.20 VIP Adventure Splitboard Norway £POA 8


* EARLYBIRD discount applies. Pay in full by the end of August to receive a 5% discount.

– Duration of courses vary, please read course calendar carefully.
– Prices vary according to course duration and number of participants.
– Contact us for details of accommodation packages.
Courses sell out quickly & SPACES ARE LIMITED!  Where possible try to book early.


BOOK & PAY ONLINE  click here, request an online payment link & book your place.


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