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DISCOVER the mountain & LEARN with people at your level




Learn in a positive, fun, encouraging safe environment.
Enjoy small group numbers
Native English speaking Professional Snowboard Instructors



Group courses

Packed with everything; freestyle, flatland, park, jumps, boxes, switch, carving, technique, off piste (in between pistes), speed, control and safety.   Kids just want to have fun! Or do they? From our experience, kids want to improve, learn new tricks, see as much as the mountain as possible & ride with other kids. We teach kids technique; same as we would our adults but we have more fun and tailor the tasks we set to appeal to a kids mind.  We have the highest qualified British snowboard instructors to ensure your kids are in safe hands.  For children over 7 years.
  • Overview:
    15 hrs over 5 days (5 x 3 hour group sessions, 7 per group) + video analysis upon request
  • Days/Times:
    Mon-Fri 9.00am-12:00pm (April courses may start later due to firm morning spring snow)
Course Dates Holiday Level Price 1/2 days Afternoon Video
23.12-27.12.19 CHRISTMAS Int/Adv £295 5 1
17.02-21.02.20 HALF TERM IntAdv £295 5 1
13.04-17.04.20 EASTER Int/Adv £295 5 1
19.04-24.04.20 EASTER Int/Adv £295 5 1

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Private lessons (under 7’s)

Kid’s under 7 generally struggle to make it through the full 3 hour group sessions. We offer private lessons to boost your child’s snowboarding level.   Click here for Private Lesson Prices.


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BEGINNERS – intro to snow

For first timers to the mountains & beginners; perhaps you’ve learnt on an indoor snow, or had a go before and want to start again from scratch.  We offer concentrated group sessions over just 3 days to get you up and running on the slopes.  You’ll receive attentive coaching and support whilst in the vulnerable ‘baby steps’ phase. With our ‘watchful eye’ we’ll guide you whilst making constant adjustments where necessary, to support you to easily translate new knowledge into practice. These sessions are designed to get you up and running covering the basics. We’ll work on your technique and teach you about mountain awareness.
  • Overview:
    6 hrs over 3 days (3x2hr group sessions, 4-6 per group)
  • Days/Times:
    9-11am Sun; and 10:30-12:30 Mon & Tue
  • Dates:
    31.12-02.01.18,  07.01-09.01.18,  18.02-20.02.18  &  01.04-03.04.18
  • Price:
    £150 per person


BOOK & PAY ONLINE  click here, request an online payment link & book your place.

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