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Our clients describe these courses as:   “relaxed, informative, detailed, thorough and  intensive with the instructor constantly present and engaged in quality coaching”.



Breakthrough your snowboarding plateau, improve your technique and master the art of Snowboarding.  Achieve long term changes with quality & specific snowboard instruction.  We offer personalised group courses delivered in a relaxed & fun atmosphere.  Focusing on preparation, technical performance refinement, tactical approach and psychological strands for On Piste, Off Piste & Freestyle riding.   Improve your carving, perfect your switch riding, tackle steep bumpy terrain with ease, master off piste, or learn new flatland tricks.   Using video analysis to assess your riding, our courses give you the skills required to achieve the next level and empower you with the knowledge required to teach yourself.

  • Enjoy potent learning with concentrated, customised group sessions adapted to individuals needs
  • Receive precise personal feedback and take home action plan.
  • For Intermediate, Advanced and Expert riders looking to progress quickly.
  • 3 days (8 hours total: 2×3 hours & 1×2 hour session).
  • 4 people per group, small group numbers unlike every other school.  Focus on riding by removing the distractions of others.
  • 2 Video analysis sessions.
  • Exceptional tuition by GB’s leading female snowboard Instructor; passionate, professional and extremely experienced. 



Aimed towards Intermediate snowboarders looking to gain confidence, increase speed, explore the mountain and understand how/what to do on different kinds of slopes.  Do you find you often pause whilst riding?    You’ll learn to carve, how to safely tackle steep slopes worry free, how to ride switch, learn basic freestyle techniques, and if the snow permits we can also cover an intro to off piste.  You’ll develop strong movement patterns so you can enjoy powder, piste & park.


Aimed towards Advanced riders looking to iron out old habits, take their riding to the next level and breakthrough the riding plateau.  On piste you’ll upscale your carving and piste riding, tackle steep terrain with confidence and show off new flatland freestyle skills.  Off piste you’ll learn how to ride faster in difficult bumpy conditions, so you can overtake your friends and understand what adjustments to make when faced with different snow conditions to avoid falling.   Your posture and movement patterns will receive a complete overhaul to provide stability.


Progression & Performance Course 8 hrs £ 180

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