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Totally customised sessions to transform your riding.  
Improve quickly and learn at your pace.
Do you have a specific way of learning or style that works for you?



Improve your technique, master off piste, learn new freestyle or flatland skills.  We offer customised, structured lessons, tailored to your unique requirements for beginners to advanced riders and instructors.    Our goal is to improve your riding, with a variety of different approaches to the session.  You may want coaching with a technical ‘performance’ focus or a psychological approach ‘breakthrough session’ to feel more confident, or perhaps just to refresh your riding and iron out old habits. 

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Design your custom session…

Choose your focus

  • ON PISTE  (Technique/Performance)

    Transform your riding technique in standard turns, learn basic carving, develop your steep riding or navigate bumps with flow and ease.  Improve your switch, high performance cross under or cross through turns, Eurocarves… These sessions give you the freedom to choose exactly what you feel you need to develop in your riding.
    Minimum 2 hours for these sessions  


    Do you want to up your freestyle game?  Whatever your level, we can help you.   Freestyle develops balance and helps you to understand all the intricate pressure points of your snowboard, which supports correct technique in general riding too.  You’ll not only feel chuffed that you’ve stomped loads of new tricks, you’ll improve your riding too.  Win.  Win!  Choose from 2 Private Lessons categories:
    º ON PISTE FREESTYLE is: side hits & spins, flatland skills of ollies, nollies, presses, butters and combos; or jibbing off little hits on the side of the piste, such as frontside/backside 180’s, 360’s and switch combos.
    º PARK FREESTYLE is: Grabs & spins on Kickers; or 50/50’s (going straight) & boardslides (going sideways) on boxes/rails.
    Allow 3 hours for these sessions  


    Learn essential off pistes safety, avalanche transceiver training, mountain awareness and improve your off piste riding technique.
    Allow 4 hours for these sessions 


    These Private VIP lessons are about exploring & discovering the mountain whilst learning “all terrain” skills.   For people who want ‘the ultimate result’ without time restrictions, seeking to learn or improve on the skills required to ride all terrain with style, grace and personal flair.  Most riders ‘pause’ when the terrain changes to evaluate what’s ahead. The best riders have natural ‘flow’, they play with whatever comes before them, whilst others watch in awe.
    Allow 6 hours for these sessions.   

Choose your approach… 


    Improve your technique and develop your performance, focusing solely on your riding.     


    Looking to delve a little deeper into your riding performance.  The Body.Mind.Board approach encompasses Biomechanics, Technique, Equipment & Mindset is the fastest way to improve.      


    Recovering from injury, been pushed too far by peers, or have a mental block about some area of snowboarding like freestyle (kickers) perhaps. These private lessons support you to BREAKTHROUGH your physical and/or psychological barriers.   You’ll progressively improve, with a ‘little by little’ approach, focusing on improving your technical understanding whilst providing tools to overcome the mental barriers you may experience along the way.   

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STANDARD Private £120   –   2 hours  (up to 2 people, see below to add additional people)

£180   –   3 hours  (up to 2 people, see below to add additional people)

Customised sessions with designated meeting point in Tignes Le Lac or Val d’isere village.

V.I.P. Private  £555   –   full day  (up to 2 people per session, see below to add additional people)

Remove stress & time restraints with V.I.P. flexibility.   Your choice of start / finish times and meeting point / drop off  locations.   Receive support at the equipment rental shop on arrival to resort.   Save time with a pre-holiday aims & goal setting session.

Extras Additional people – £10 p/person p/hr

Peak weeks – £10 p/hr  (Xmas, New Year, Half Term & Easter Holidays)


BOOK & PAY ONLINE  click here, request an online payment link & book your place.

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