I hold a very special place in my heart for Adaptive Snowboarding. I'm a professionally trained specialist adaptive snowboard instructor, and I can supply specific snowboard adaptive equipment. On top of this, I'm the only female BASI Adaptive Instructor Trainer who examines other Instructors learning to teach.

I cater for people with physical disabilities, medical conditions, hearing and visual impairments, and learning or behavioural challenges.


Our 1 to 1 sessions offer a positive transition for people living with life challenges. Focusing on your ability, not your disability I work with what you can do by adapting my teaching techniques, styles and equipment to the unique needs of each person.

Lesson durations are individual to personal requirements, depending on your condition and current fitness levels. Individual needs will be assessed prior to arrival to ensure that the equipment is appropriate.

All sessions are pre-planned, safe and enjoyable. They become remarkable and memorable experiences for both student and teacher.

Adaptive snowboarding courses