NEW: Introducing the most comprehensive BASI Instructor Development Training program in France.

I'll demystify your next BASI course, share my pro secrets, transform your riding and up-level your teaching via...

⌁  Pre-snow ONLINE course (5 modules)

⌁ ON-SNOW tech & teach performance course

⌁ plus BASI Level 2 & 3 exams (optional)

all available in Tignes, France from this October.



Do you want to quickly breakthrough your barriers to elevate your riding level pain-free?  Do you want easy, 'go to' teaching formulas applicable in any situation to up level your delivery!

Do you need clarity to understand your level against the required pass levels!

Want a fool proof 'eagle eye' system to improve your performance analysis skills to prepare accurate, precise, detailed rider development action plans?

Let me help you achieve your riding & teaching goals, via ....

⌁ ON-SNOW tech & teach Performance Course

Level 2 course

If you're a BASI level 1 instructor and want to achieve your level 2, you have the option of a 1-week training course or a 2-week training course. Both courses include on-snow training for the technical and teaching portions of your assessment, plus off-snow workshops. During the workshops, you'll study the theory of teaching and technical performance, video analysis, equipment maintenance and techniques for managing the psychological and physical factors involved with being an instructor.


The course runs for 5 days, consisting of 4 days of on-snow training and 1 day of off-snow workshops. The days will be organised according to weather and snow conditions.


Please note that lift passes, accommodation and transfers are not included in the course price.

Level 3 course

This course is the most comprehensive level 3 training available for level 2 instructors wanting to achieve their level 3. You'll spend time on-snow advancing your performance riding across all the strands, and spend time off-snow learning to plan, strategise and analyse your own riding as well as others – incredibly valuable for your level 3 teach assessment.


The course runs for 5 days, consisting of 4 days of on-snow training and 1 day of off-snow workshops. The days will be organised according to weather and snow conditions.


Please note that lift passes, accommodation and transfers are not included in the course price.


During on-snow training, you'll receive a technique overhaul – precise, potent and specific to the level you're training for. You will receive a personal analysis with detailed feedback that focuses on the technical, tactical, equipment and psychological aspects of your riding. You'll learn to master the art of turning with all different shapes, sizes and speeds that are needed to pass your instructor assessment.


  • Strand-specific Personal Performance; on-piste, off-piste and park (conditions permitting)
  • Masterclass workshops for carving, switch, steeps, variables, bumps and standard turning
  • Movement Analysis
  • Rider Analysis on real people. You'll learn to analyse intermediate riders beyond the Central Theme and prepare sessions to develop their personal performance
  • Video analysis skills. Learn my 'eagle-eye' rider performance analysis system to correct technique and create teach sessions
  • Develop holistic personal performance threads to improve your riding and prepare you for your examination
  • Complete shadowing hours (if required)
  • Practice using my teaching formulas to analyse and fix riders


Throughout your training you'll understand the assessment criteria and your riding level in relation to the skill acquisition phases. You'll develop an understanding of equipment – the right equipment for you – and your set up analysis relating to your body movement patterns.


Every course includes 2 evening workshops. In the first workshop you'll learn techniques to reset your mind and help you perform on demand

complications and mechanical failure. cialis cheap Daily Activity.

. In the second evening workshop you'll learn how to prepare the perfect lesson using your technical understanding, awareness and to ensure the correct implementation of the teaching tools and TIED model.


Level 2 training


26th to 30th Oct. 2020


Tignes, France



Level 2 training

26th Oct. to 6th Nov 2020

Tignes, France


Level 3 training

15th to 19th Mar 2021

Tignes, France


Level 3 training

23rd to 27th Nov 2020

Tignes, France



Level 2


9th to 23rd Nov. 2020


Tignes, France



Level 3 tech

7th to 11th Dec. 2020

Tignes, France


Level 3 teach

14th to 18th Dec. 2020

Tignes, France


Stay dates

24th Oct. to 7th Nov. 2020


The Dragon Lodge



More info

21st to 28th Nov. 2020

The Dragon Lodge



    Only BASI trainers know the BASI course content, assessment criteria and the precise pass level. Only BASI trainers know how to help you pass and why most people fail (usually a 'wing it' approach) as apposed to strategic preparation, detailed education & accurate practice. Set yourself up for success with intensive training covering the content on your next BASI course. Train with a current BASI trainer, Renelle Mortimer, who has 14 years experience delivering all levels of BASI courses.



Do you learn differently and need more help? Do you work better with private tuition? Do you panic mid-course and just wish you could call someone who will accurately coach and support you?

I'm here for you with personal support via...

⌁ SOS Emergency Coaching for mid BASI course support

⌁ Private 1to1 additional Virtual Tuition

Mid-course support


Struggling with mid-course panic? You don't understand and want more clarity? You're so far behind that you don't feel you can catch up in time?


I can help by giving you 'emergency SOS' online distance coaching during your BASI exam to get you back on track.


Duration: Evening sessions, as long as necessary


Delivery methods: Skype, Facetime or Zoom


 Price: £100 per hour

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