Gidday, I'm Renelle, BASI Lv4 Snowboard Coach and Europe's only female trainer and examiner for future snowboard instructors. I'm also a mentor, writer, speaker and deep thinker.  I love educating, leading, inspiring others, overcoming limitations, breaking through barriers, problem solving and taking on challenges that others refuse. It’s in my blood, has always come naturally to me, and it makes me more alive than anything. I'm the one who doesn't give up when others do, and I love to make you aware of how amazing you truly are.

Renelle. x


Born and bred on the beautiful beaches of Australia's Sunshine Coast, Renelle has an incredible connection with mother nature, formed at a very young age.  This special love and bond originated with beaches and rainforests.  Her affinity for mountains & snow began on a one week holiday to the French Alps many years ago. Since then Renelle worked all around the world teaching snowboarders of all levels – this includes snowboarding over 20 full winter seasons and 13 years of training and examining instructors for the British Association.  Renelle has the uncanny ability to teach this special connection to our earth with depth, vitality and integrity.


BASI Level 4 ISTD Snowboard Instructor

BASI Snowboard Instructor Trainer & Examiner

BASI Adaptive Snowboard Instructor Trainer & Examiner

Mountain Safety Award

UKCP Freestyle Coach

Full French Equivalence

  • A cut above

    Renelle is one of the worlds leading snowboard coaches, and the only female instructor ever to be invited to train and examine future instructors – on top of this, Renelle is the only woman in Europe coaching at this elite level.



When the snow melts, Renelle usually migrates to the west coast of France to indulge in her second passion, surfing. Born and bred on the beautiful beaches of Australia's Sunshine Coast, the ocean is in her veins and travel to incredible surfing destinations is always on the agenda.  Skating to the beach, climbing, and downhill mountain biking are also high up there.  Come and play!