Since 2012, Renelle has been liberating the women of Tignes & Val d'isere with special seasonnaire progression sessions, formally know as Sheelaz Sessions! The course runs at different times throughout the season and includes freestyle, off-piste skills and technical development sessions. Groups are organised by rider ability, with a max of 8 per group.


If you're interested in the women's coaching courses this season please get in touch to let me know!

2 hours, £15  | 3 hours, £20


Women's Session 1

Stance/Balance/Switch. This session gets you set up for safe progression you stacked correctly so you don’t stack!  We look at your setup, then get you centred on your board working on stance and body position. No point throwing yourself off kickers if you aren't balanced, we all know how that will end.  From understanding these foundations, you'll be able to apply them throughout your riding and improve in all areas.

Flatland Jib

Flatland... Jibs, Butters & combos. Focus on flatland combos of pop, press and spin. We start with ollies, nollies, and presses, then add rotation, and spinning off each edge to create a multitude of tricks whilst cruising the mountain. You'll learn all the lingo, loads of new tricks both safely and progressively.

Women's Session 3

SIDE HITS - Airs/Grabs/Spins off the side of the piste, as a progression towards spinning in the park.  We go on the hunt for little hits off the side of the piste working on straight  airs, and frontside and backside spins. We start small and work our way to more air, more rotation in preparation for the kickers.

Park Development

PARK - Airs/Grabs/Spins. Kickers here we come! We start with straight airs, then grabs with each hand, and finally frontside and backside spins. We start small and work our way to bigger kickers.

Park Intro

PARK - Boxes/Rails, 50/50’s, frontside and backside board slides starting on flat boxes, then working our way up to flat/down, rainbow, banana boxes & rail features.

Women's Session 6

Technical Improver. During this session we will focus on general technical riding development on steeps, bumps, off piste, variable terrain so that you can get the most out of your riding.