All bookings with Fresh Snowboarding Ltd are subject to and conditional upon the following conditions.   Contracts are governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with English Law.  Reference to Fresh Snowboarding Ltd hereinafter will be referred to as “Fresh”. Reference to the person making the booking, or person/s taking lessons/courses hereinafter will be referred to as “the client”.



  1. The client’s personal information/data will remain private & confidential by Fresh.
  2. Prices are correct at the time of booking.   Prices may be subject to revision at any time, but do not affect the price given at the time of confirmed booking.
  3. Fresh reserve booking place for a maximum of 14 days from the date of invoice issue or payment request. To confirm bookings, please return payment within 14 days of receipt of invoice or payment request.
  4. No contract will exist until Fresh issue a receipt or email accepting payment and confirming booking.
  5. Advance bookings require a non-refundable deposit of 50% at the time of booking with the remaining 50% due 6 weeks before the date of the first lesson booked.
  6. Contact of instruction is between the client and the instructor, whilst the contract of management of the booking is between Fresh Snowboarding Ltd and the client.
  7. Course places are not transferable to other people in the event of cancellation.
  8. Fresh instructors will wait no longer than 15 minutes for clients booked on private lessons, at the arranged meeting point, unless notified prior to this by the client.
  9. Fresh instructors will wait no longer than 5 minutes for clients booked on group courses, at the arranged meeting point, unless notified prior to this by the client.
  10. Group lessons/courses run with a minimum of 4 people. If there are less than 4 people, lessons will not be cancelled, however the amount of time will be reduced. The price will remain the same. 


  1. All lessons, courses and services provided by Fresh must be paid for in full, in advance.
  2. All lessons/services are charged for in UK Stirling.
  3. Lessons are not confirmed until full payment received and a confirmation email sent.
  4. Lessons are to be paid by bank transfer, online payment, and credit or debit card. A 3% fee may be charged on all credit card payments.  As a last resort, Fresh will accept payments by Paypal, in this case, a fee of 7% of the total booking amount will be charged to cover Paypal’s commission.


  1. Fresh reserves the right to cancel lessons for a number of reasons, in which case, the client will be offered the opportunity to re-schedule the lesson, a full refund or take credit.
  2. In the event of the client cancelling lessons/bookings, the following charges apply:
  • More than 6 weeks notice = 20% loss of booking fee
  • 6 to 2 weeks notice = 50% loss of booking fee
  • 2 to 0 weeks notice = 100% loss of booking fees
  1. All cancellations must be confirmed via email.
  2. Refunds will not be given by Fresh in whole or in part for unused lessons due to injury, client late arrival, illness, accident, part closure of the resort and lift system due to weather conditions or mechanical failure; full closure of the resort and lift system, for any reason or cause outside the control of Fresh.  It is essential that the client has Insurance to cover injury, risk of cancellation and/or curtailment as well as medical and repatriation.  It is the clients’ responsibility to obtain and check that their insurance is in place before booking lessons, courses, coaching or instructor training with Fresh.
  3. Fresh can provide a letter to claim on insurance if this is justified for non-attendance for circumstances outside of the control of Fresh, see paragraph 18.


  1. No refunds or make-up of lessons if the client misses a lesson/s, or postponement due to lift failure, lift closure or poor weather. There may be unforeseen circumstances or conditions, which will force Fresh to postpone or cancel sessions.
  2. Client Insurance Policies should cover missed lessons due to lift failure, life closure or poor weather. Claims are to be made against the local lift company for lift failure, closure or personal private insurance provider. If Fresh is forced to cancel lessons due to staff illness or injury we will endeavour to re-schedule lessons or provide a refund on a pro-rata basis.


  1. Parents/Guardians/Carers/Adults in charge must make themselves known to the instructor teaching the said child at the time of drop off. It is the responsibility of the client to be on time to collect the child/children at the end of the lesson. To take into account the possibility of arriving late, please ensure that parents/Guardians/Carers/Adults arrive at the arranged meet point 15 minutes early. Failure to do so will result in a charge of the current private lesson hourly rate.
  2. Although this is a personal choice, we recommend all children wear helmets. Fresh reserves the right to ask a Parent/Guardian/Carer/Adult to take their child from the lesson if the child is inappropriately dressed, in ill health, or not at the correct level for the group. No refunds will be provided under these circumstances.


  1. 10. Third parties. All third parties including accommodation providers, transfer companies or any other service providers or partners are subject to and conditional upon the third parties terms and conditions

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    . Prices are correct at the time of booking. Third-party accommodation packages with transfers are conditional upon 6 people sharing the transfer. Fresh is not responsible for and will not be liable for any physical or financial hardship, which may be incurred due to third party liability, or whilst in the service of third party providers or partners, nor inability to attend Fresh Snowboarding Lesson/Course.


  1. Lift passes are obligatory and not included in lesson/course prices.
  2. Equipment is not included in lesson/course price. Clients are responsible for their own equipment and should arrive to the lesson with appropriate equipment/clothing.
  3. Clients are to respect the professional judgement of their instructor at all times.
  4. Fresh reserves the right to refuse access to lessons or remove the client from lessons/courses/services if:
    • The client is found to exhibit behaviour, which is deemed to be inappropriate and/or detrimental to others in the group or Instructors.
    • The client is found to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or addictive substances during course/lesson time.
    • The client is inappropriately dressed, in ill health, or not at the correct level for the group.
  1. In the event of the client/student being refused tuition/coaching/instruction by Fresh due to the circumstances in the above paragraph, no funds will be refunded.
  2. Fresh is not responsible for and will not be liable for any physical or financial hardship, which may be incurred whilst involved with or in a Fresh Snowboarding Lesson/Course.
  3. Fresh does not insure clients/students. Fresh does not provide holiday, accident or recovery insurance.
  4. The client is obliged to insure themselves for third party liability, accident and medical insurance. Fresh recommend arranging an appropriate policy with a third party agent.
  5. Fresh declines all liability in case of an accident occurring whilst in the lesson/course.
  6. No funds/monies will be refunded by Fresh in the event of injury sustained either before, or whilst participating in lessons/courses, where injury leads to curtailment of the course; in this instance, it is necessary to make an insurance claim.
  7. The client agrees, that except for death, or personal injury arising through the negligence of Fresh, Fresh shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising whether in respect of death, bodily injury, illness suffered or loss, costs or damages or expenses incurred.
  8. Anyone making a booking with Fresh is agreeing to abide by these aforementioned conditions.